Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Back from the Arctic....

Almost a let down, but nice to get over this hacking cough finally. Great memories and more pix to come... Above, the WINNERS overall: Greg Hightower, Gary Webb and Russ Kraushaar (hiss) and then the party afterwards with Kala and Jen, then Kala plays MOOSE HUNT at the bar and finally PAul and Kala toast their CLASS 3 win (again)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

We win!

Primitive wins Class 3 (seat-of-the-pants) by a wide margin in the 2008 Alcan Winter Rally (5000 miles over 10 days). We ended up a respectable 6th overall, beating several of the top computer class cars. We wanted the overall win this year, but mild conditions, and several dropped ICE SLALOM events kept us from that goal. Maybe next time.
Our team mates RDale Kraushaar and Glenn Wallace won Class 2 and did vie for the overall win finishing 2nd overall just a couple of seconds off the winning score. Our other team mates Steve Perrett and Kathryn Hansen did great finishing 2nd in Class 3.
The Primitive Arctic Challengers Team won the "TEAM CUP" for best team performance. Go Subaru!